03 January, 2019

Guest Blog- Passion and Deceit: Innocent by Sea Hardt

Hi, my name is Sea Hardt and I adore writing about erotica in general. What got me started and what forms the base of my writing are what I would like to quickly talk about.

I always have been a curious and active sexual being that in my past I have procured and have taken the quietest average type of person and pushed their sexual boundaries to such an extent that I know they will never want it any other way. For most of them, I like to think that they have become enlightened and now see the beauty of life through rose-tinted glasses after I have finished with them. I love to be the educator showing people what sex is about for me. From the delicate smile to the innocent touch of their neck. Perhaps a small butterfly kiss or an exchange of a giggle or simply being in their proximity. Escalating further with a bear hug or an escaped gaze across the room that goes on a few seconds longer than normal. When done just right, there is a palpable sense of tension and one can almost hear the cracking and buzzing of the charged up atoms in the air. These are the basis that drives me insane with intrigue. I often think of such gestures and experiences as magic. Words fail and fall short of how I feel about these beautiful moments exchanged between two consenting adults. It is like the two minds fuck way before the bodies do. This is what I like to dwell on and convey through my writing. The Magic before the Magic. At the basis of it all, we are all sexual beings at some level or another and we crave for the warmth on intimacy.

I love to chat with like minded souls, so please feel free to drop me a message and I will try to reciprocate.

Passion and Deceit: Innocent
Sea Hardt

Genre: Romantic Erotica

Date of Publication: October 20, 2018


Number of pages: 58
Word Count: 19951

Cover Artist: Mario Madureira

Tagline: Pushing the boundaries of erotica

Book Description:

During Pamela’s journey of passionate self-discovery she meets two gorgeous men, Paulo and Guy.

In the midst of sensual adventures she is torn between her two lovers, but before she has the chance to make a choice they both slip away.

Eventually their paths cross again but now Pamela’s passion has turned to bitterness and she’s hell-bent on revenge.

Will she fulfill her vendetta or choose passion and love?

Teaser Excerpt:

“His kiss was hard and long as he took my head in both his powerful hands and devoured my mouth. His lips felt soft and I felt like I was eating a succulent strawberry as I returned his kiss. It was an out of this world long kiss and it was all about that moment in time. All my values and lifelong objectives were left on the wayside. Any will to resist was long gone as I gave myself up to these two hungry wolves. I forgot about all my good girl values and was instead overpowered by something higher and bigger than that. I gave into absolute carnal desire as my body started to pulse and convulse as they took full control.”

About the Author:

Sea Hardt lives in a cottage on the stunning island of Cyprus surrounded by the Mediterranean waters. The gods have been kind to Sea and have graced her with a happy marriage complete with two boys. She has a plethora of interests including foraging second-hand bookshops for poetry and any other books she can curl up on the couch with a glass of chardonnay. With the support of her husband, she finds great fulfillment in writing steamy romance novels.

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